Useful links


If you're concerned about making your child safer this is a good site with excellent resources.

Expert advice on child safety from Gavin de Becker. Mr de Becker is an authority on threat management and his books "The Gift of Fear" and "Protecting the Gift" are an excellent resource for parents and young people.

A martial arts trivia quiz for the younger members

An excellent article on Bu, Ken and Ju kanji and their meaningwritten by Dave Lowry. Dave Lowry began training in bujutsu (warrior arts) in his teens in the 1960s in America. His books "Autumn Lightning" and "Persimmon Wind" tell the story of how he progressed.

Meik and Diane Skoss's site with some excellent articles

An excellent site on stretching exercises, so important for any physical activity.

For Martial Arts equipment from Japan, as well as interesting Japanese books and other things.

The best Judo site : a huge resource of techniques and other things.