Child safety policy

Mushin Budo Association and its member clubs support the premise that children and vulnerable adults who may attend classes should expect that the instructors are of the highest integrity and will behave in a professional manner. Parents have the right to expect that their children will come to no harm at the hands of instructors.

The following is not exclusive, but covers many of the issues that Mushin Budo Association feels should be addressed.

Mushin Budo Association recognises that instructors of martial arts inevitably need to make physical contact with the children in the class. This is in the nature of the activity. However, instructors are made aware what constitutes inappropriate contact and that they should not conduct themselves in ways which could be considered unprofessional.

Instructors also need to be sensitive to the needs of the children attending the class. Attempting to bully or force a child to attempt some activity which they are clearly unable to master or otherwise intimidate children is not to be tolerated. Similarly, bullying by other students will not be allowed. Happily, these situations occur rarely, if at all. Mushin Budo Association prides itself that the club instructors are aware of the issues surrounding Child Protection and do their professional best to ensure the standards are maintained, or indeed raised. Instructors will take appropriate action where a student is involved in bullying or intimidation of or by another student.

Instructors in Mushin Budo Association may occasionally find themselves in the position of being confided in by a student, as a trusted adult. On such occasions, instructors should be able to act in an appropriate manner. It is recommended that instructors should have undergone Child Protection training for such circumstances.

If for any reason an instructor should be accused of inappropriate behaviour towards any student, the matter would be investigated by the Head of the Association. If claims were substantiated, the club instructor’s licence would be revoked and he/she would be expelled from the Association. The Association would co-operate fully with any other investigation which might arise.

CRB Background Checks

Instructors within Mushin Budo Association and Tai Jitsu Kai can apply for Disclosures through Mushin Budo. Unfortunately we are unable to process applications for anyone who is not accredited with these organisations.

You need to contact us by telephone on 01322 406536 or 07957 123541 to obtain our address. We will advise you on the type of disclosure you should request.

We will send you a Disclosure application form and you will then complete it, sign and date it, and send it to us together with documents to confirm your identify, a cheque to cover the cost of processing the Disclosure and an SAE for return of your documents. Volunteer instructors pay us only a small fee (currently £15.00) for this service.

Posted on 9 December 2011