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Mushin Budo Ju Jitsu (unarmed combat) is an ideal martial art for both men and women, boys and girls. Benefits include improved fitness and co-ordination, effective defence techniques, personal awareness, increased self-confidence, "hardening the target" for both adults and children.

Techniques you will encounter in Mushin Budo Ju Jitsu include kicks, punches, throws, takedowns, locks, strangles, pressure points, submissions, defences against weapons and escapes. You will also learn how to to be thrown safely. The syllabus is modified for children and does not include joint locks, strangles or submissions for under 16s.

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Dartford Ju Jitsu ClubSensei Barry Harte wins Single Live Stick Silver medal at the GSBA European Eskrima Championships in Anagni, Italy. Well done to the whole team.


Posted on13 July 2019

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Posted on 24 May 2018